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Love is mainly to see how you treat it,nothing exciting is true love,when falling in love with one person,is not going to care about romance and a variety of ways of love,different person has different love way.Greedy will lose a rare true love,someone says love is not permanent,I think that is wrong,love also can be permanent,because you did not protect true love,it will lead to love is transient,and think love will not last long.Love a person to trust each other,to understand each other to love a person,love a person a lot of heart to be inclusive,broad-minded love a person love a person to respect each other's ideas and assertive person to be a lot of support behind him ( her ) , rather than block the love a person has to face him ( she ) can not accompany you, do not have to complain ,use smile on his ( her ) said I was very good, very happy love a person put their inner fragility and grievances covered up, Do not let him ( her ) know you love someone,too much love.

Maybe some people can not do it is important that unselfish love to regret,love to be clean and pure,without a trace impurities,willing to do anything for him ( her ),when you fall in love with it,we should let he ( she ) happy,as long as he (she) Happy happy,the most important emotion is also a need to fill with physical,and the Michael kors handbag is also a woman in disguise.You can choose the anniversaries or birthdays,so special day,send her a Michael kors handbags.